Strawberry Generation

Strawberry Generation is a term used to describe a group of young people who are believed to be easily bruised or damaged, just like a strawberry. This term is often used in some Asian cultures to describe millennials who are perceived to be less resilient and less able to cope with stress than previous generations. The strawberry generation is believed to be sensitive, risk-averse, and lacking in resilience. They are said to have grown up in a culture of overprotection and helicopter parenting, which has left them ill-prepared to deal with the challenges and difficulties of adult life.

The term is somewhat controversial and has been criticized for being overly simplistic and for unfairly stereotyping an entire generation of people. Many people argue that the challenges facing young people today are complex and multifaceted, and cannot be reduced to a single label or stereotype. However we must learn the concept of the strawberry generation it’s self is largely a cultural construct and there is no definitive data to support the idea that young people today are significantly less resilient or more fragile than previous generations.

Some studies have suggested that rates of anxiety and depression may be higher among young people today than in the past, but it is not clear whether this is due to a lack of resilience or to other factors such as increased awareness and improved diagnosis. Furthermore, it is important to recognize that resilience is not a fixed trait that people either have or do not have. Rather, it is a complex and dynamic set of skills, attitudes, and behaviors that can be developed and strengthened over time.